The Fortified Reformed Church

It is the only remaining edifice of medieval origin in Saint George, which was reconstructed and extended in several phases. During the gothic reconstruction phase (in the mid-16th century) a single nave, rib vaulted church was built, together with a sacristy linked to the northern wall of the sanctuary. Further reconstructions were made after the Turko-Tatar destruction in 1658, as well as after the earthquake of 1802, when the rib vaults of the ceiling were eliminated. Its gallery, located in the eastern part of the church, gives place to the organ made in 1894 by the Angster factory in Pécs.

From among its art monuments are worth mentioning: the remaining fragments of murals on the northern and southern outer walls of the church nave, the sandstone corbels of the sanctuary’s vault, the carved tombstone of Ferenc Daczó made in 1602 and the south entrance’s richly carved stone door and its frame.

From the two defensive walls surrounding the church only the egg-shaped internal wall is still standing, which is articulated by machicolation and bastions, and is equipped with a tower as well. The bell tower was built in 1829 in the place of the former gate tower.

The graves of the city’s former aldermen and Reformed ministers are located in the churchyard.


Csáki Árpád

Year: 17th century

Adress: Str. Cetății Nr. 1